Food poisoning prevention

Three major principles of food poisoning prevention

This article is created with reference to the Food Hygiene Management Guide that incorporates The Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare HACCP. Images and illustrations are also borrowed from the same website.

To prevent food poisoning, let's keep in mind "not let Adhesion", "not let be increase", and "not let exist" .

Our products are corresponds as below ;
Bio-cleaning agent : "not let increase" and "not let exist",
Ozone air / Ozone water Generator : "not let Adhesion" and "not let be increase".

Not let adhere

It is important, not neglect employee health management or make sure that cooking workders can wash their hands properly.

No need for hand-washing detergent,
Dramatic improvement of hygiene management in the running cost category of tap water,
These can be done by hand washing with ozone water.
It suppresses cost and realizes high hygiene management.

Reliable cleaning of raw materials

Reconsider suppliers who are neglecting hygiene management or you should be ensured Pre-cooking cleaning for raw material.

It is possible to remove odors and slime by cleansing with ozone water.

Since it does not contain any chemical components, there is no need to worry about deterioration of flavor.

Washing by ozone water, it makes improve Shredded cabbage crispness etc, increase customer satisfaction.

Not let increase

Cleaning of facilities and equipment, build a hygienic work environment, prevent for secondary pollution, etc, to prepare the working environment, it is recommended to create an environment where harmful bacteria cannot survive. It is possible with our bio-cleaning agents.

Active beneficial bacteria dramatically improve the unsanitary conditions that cause growing of harmful bacteria or attract pests.

Maintain a hygienic environment

Many food-related business are faced with the problem that bacteria managers / site manager say " even though we are thoroughly sterilize, bacteria are grow".

Harmful bacteria invade from others place and immediately return to the same condition as before even if they do sterilization on the surface of that spot,
Bacteria are present just because the building is old,
They are cleaning it, but they can't deal with invisible bacteria.

These can be eliminated by creating an environment, where harmful bacteria can not live, which can build easily by normal cleaning with our bio-cleaning agent.

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