Poisoning Bacteria-Mold


This article is created with reference to the Food Hygiene Management Guide that incorporates The Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare HACCP. Images and illustrations are also borrowed from the same website.

To prevent food poisoning, let's keep in mind "not let Adhesion", "not let be increase", and "not let exist" .

Our products are corresponds as below ;
Bio-cleaning agent : "not let increase" and "not let exist",
Ozone air / Ozone water Generator : "not let Adhesion" and "not let be increase".

Mold that has both face, beneficial and harmful

Molds like oxygen, water and temperature. Humans have used them by well controled and been coexisted as fermented foods.

Typical foods are Cheese, Yogurt, and Natto. Mold is also used in drug development because it produces antibiotics as metabolites.

On the other hand, it proliferates in foods. Corrodes food and causes offensive odors.

It occurs allergic asthma, athlete's foot and other effects on the human body. Odors and slime that occur in the bathroom and kitchen are also occurred by mold.

These molds are different types, but we don't described in detail here.

It seems that most molds do not cause acute toxicity, but they have chronic toxicity caused by long-term ingestion of trace amounts. It seems to be carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic.

Once the molds are mixed in the food, the molds are remained even if the mold itself dies due to heating. It seems wise to dispose of whole food when you found molds. Do not think that it is okay to remove rotten part and eat it.

Molds does not cause acute symptoms but cannot leave it. What measures can we have to reduce the possibility of an accident?

Sterilizes airborne bacteria, decomposes and kills adhering bacteria in the surface

First of all, the cleanliness of the venue is the first decision. Let's fumigate and decomposation / sterilization to every corner of the building with ozone air. And strongly cleaning to the adhering bacteria in the floor and walls with ozone water.

Ozone has three oxygen atoms (O3), but by its nature, it try to return to ordinery oxygen (O2).

Single Oxygen (O) has a strong oxidizing action.

By this action, the cell wall of the bacterium is directly damaged / destroyed / decomposed, and the nucleus of the organism is discharged to the outside, resulting in death.

Since this function destroys bacteria from the nucleus, it has the characteristic that the sterilization rate is high and resistant bacteria are difficult to form.

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After that, let's increase the beneficial bacteria that have coexisted with humans since ancient times and create a good environment where harmful bacteria do not increase. If you are wondering "How?", Please read the continuation ↓.

Bio-cleaning agent containing beneficial bacteria

The bio-cleaning agents contain multiple beneficial bacteria that humans have coexisted with since ancient times.
Multiple bacteria help each others to minimizing the weaknesses and maximizing the benefits.

Beneficial bacteria contained in the cleaning agent produce enzymes.
Enzymes consume organic matter (harmful bacteria, dust, slime, etc.) as food.
Beneficial bacteria grows and creates an environment where harmful bacteria cannot live.

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