An easy way to clean a grease trap

Clean the grease trap without hassle

The grease trap, it separates oil, fat and waste materials before flow into the drainage ditch. It is an environmentally friendly device for prevents pollution by drainage damages , but cleaning is difficult anyway.

Drainage pipe clogging occurs by dirty sticky oil or dust, makes waste water overflows. If cleaning is not enought, it might be caused foul odors and pests. But the heavly sticked oil cleaning is not easy.
Even after cleaning, it gets dirty again and hygiene management cannot catch up at all. We think there are many crying like this.

Persistent oil stains decompose naturally just by adding a few times per week

BAC Grease traps, the bio-cleaning agents we handle are, it is oil/fat decomposition accelerators.

It's easy to use.

Just put it in grease trap for a few times per week. The probiotics ,which is contained in the grease trap, produce enzymes to break down organic matter.

Bioprotection consumes organic matter as food and beneficial bacteria grow even if humans do not remove it.

Self-cleaning action is done by repeating it = fat decomposition will be done just by putting it =The heavely dirt will disapper.

By decomposing organic matter, the odor caused at the grease trap are eliminated.

Add our products with lukewarm water daily for the first week.

The effect lasts for several days with one use. After removing large stains, just repeat it twice per week, then clean condition will be kept without human working.

You can easily remove the dirt of organic matter without human works. It makes pests away and you can  creates an environment where harmful bacteria cannot live.


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