Risk measures for each ingredient-fish


This article is created by referring to Aisei Pharmacy Health Graphic Magazine Vol.40 Food Poisoning Special edition.
Images and illustrations may also be borrowed from the website.

To prevent food poisoning, let's keep in mind "not let Adhesion", "not let be increase", and "not let exist" .

Our products are corresponds as below ;
Bio-cleaning agent : "not let increase" and "not let exist",
Ozone air / Ozone water Generator : "not let Adhesion" and "not let be increase".

Cleans well

Vibrio parahaemolyticus is the main reason of food poisoning caused by fish. It is a bacteria grows even at low temperatures. Keep temperature lower than 5 degrees Celsius, you can suppress its growth. Storing in the refrigerator until just before cooking and washing the ingredients thoroughly, you can avoid food poisoning.

Hypochlorous acid is often used for cleaning ingredients because of its cost and ease of use. But the smell of hypochlorous acid may impair the flavor of the ingredients and poses a problem for improving the quality of products.

Also, you should be careful about the dirt on the sink when you washes the ingredients. A large number of invisible germs are breeding, there is a possibility of contamination by accidentally touching to the sink skin or getting water splashed from the sink skin to the ingredients.


Ozone water that kills harmful bacteria by the running cost of tap water

Ozone water is effective for cleaning foodstuffs, sinks, and other equipment. Ozone water kills harmful bacteria at the running cost of tap water.

The strong oxidizing action of ozone destroys the sclerotium of harmful bacteria, let nuclear of hermful bacteria melt / kill, and helps remove harmful bacteria and odors.

Ozone water, which you can use at the running cost of tap water, can use generously for cleaning equipment, floors, sinks, etc. It also strongly removes black slime on the floor, scale on the sink, and red mold.

Small movable type for small facilities

The small movable type can be carried and used anywhere by purchasing only one. You can use wherever as your necessary, such as employee hand washing, food cleaning, equipment cleaning, work table and floor cleaning, garbage storage and toilet cleaning, etc. It is valuable for in small factories or small scale work site.

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Stationary type for medium and large-scale facilities

In medium- and large-scale facilities, you can use ozone water at any times by a stationary type.

Depending on the type, the ozone air ejection function is also installed. It is possible to manage cleaning within one unit by zone water and ozone air .

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Create an enviroment where harmful bacteria can not live

After that, use bio-cleaning agent which creates an environment where harmful bacteria cannot live, it makes safety increases around the sink.

There are many harmful bacteria around the sink such as scale, red mold, and slime. Probiotics generate enzymes that decompose organic matter (mold, etc.) and consume them as feed. Beneficial bacteria grow and harmful bacteria will be gone, it means create an environment where harmful bacteria cannot live.

Once you used it, the effect lasts for several days.The problem of hypochlorous acid, such as "harmful bacteria invading immediately after disinfection" will be gone.

A few days after using it, you feel "Oh, feel something different", and in about 10-14days , you realized that "The air became clean even though I didn't do anything else". For 3 weeks, you can see surprising results in the bacterial test.

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