Risk measures for each ingredient-chicken

This article is created by referring to Aisei Pharmacy Health Graphic Magazine Vol.40 Food Poisoning Special edition.
Images and illustrations may also be borrowed from the website.

To prevent food poisoning, let's keep in mind "not let Adhesion", "not let be increase", and "not let exist" .

Our products are corresponds as below ;
Bio-cleaning agent : "not let increase" and "not let exist",
Ozone air / Ozone water Generator : "not let Adhesion" and "not let be increase".

Ingredients with the highest risk of contamination

Chicken is a material with a high risk of contamination, and in highly possibility the Campylobacter will be detected in case of food poisoning.

If you can choose the processing order, it is desirable to cook chiecken as the final process.It reduces risk of poisoning to cook directly at the taking out of material which was cut and packed in hygiene environment.

Campylobacter has the property of penetrating into the meat, to heat well is required.


Ozone water that does not let leave bacteria

Our ozone water / ozone air generator is more effective than cleaning with hypochlorite or RO water.

Since our ozone water generator is directly connecting to tap water, ozone water can be used at the running cost of tap water, it is very economical.

Ozone has three oxygen atoms (O3), but by its nature, it try to return to ordinery oxygen (O2).

Single Oxygen (O) has a strong oxidizing action.

By this action, the cell wall of the bacterium is directly damaged / destroyed / decomposed, and the nucleus of the organism is discharged to the outside, resulting in death.

In addition, since this function destroys bacteria from the nucleus, it has the characteristic that the sterilization rate is high and resistant bacteria are difficult to develop. It solves the problems of bacteria managers so far.

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