Do you feel glass ceiling for current bacterial management?

"By the conventional method, it is sterilized only on the spot. The bacteria will enter from the unsterilized area and will return to be same after a few minutes."

"There are a lot of bacteria just because it is an old building. There is no effective measure to prevent the bacteria from working."

"Both the person in charge of bacteria management and the person in charge of the site, they say they are cleaning well, but harmful bacteria are detected."

Do you feel the limits of current bacterial management?

Probiotics Cleaner

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Ever ever! Belgian global biotech company Crisal's probiotic cleaners provide a breakthrough solution for fungal control.
Advanced cleaning in Easy work by active Probiotics.

It can be used anywhere and has a high deodorant and cleaning effect.
Effortlessly advanced cleaning is available even in inaccessible areas such as air conditioner ducts and inside drain pipe.
An epoch-making cleaner that dramatically reduces invisible danger and protects health and safety.




PIP Probiotics, products aimed at stabilizing and preserving a "healthy and secure living environment".

Watch Our passion for development on Youtube. ( Sounds are in Japanese language )


Probiotics suppress mal bacteria

Power of microorganisms

Provide hygiene protection by beneficial bacteria

To protect health
And safety
Of everyone

Clean and sanitation treatment
Using living microorganisms (Active Bio)
Which has been around since ancient times.

Various infectious diseases attack to us.
Everywhere everyone look for effective protection.

Chrisal Products use microorganisms power, provide hygiene and sanitalized protection.

Microorganisms are in harmony with humans since ancient times

We can know its power as a fermented food
Such as pickles, yogurt etc.

These microorganisms help maintain health of human.
It is Probiotics.

Same like controlling bad bacteria and improving the intestinal environment by eating yogurt,

We use probiotics for cleaning.

We provide epoch-making sanitary environment conservation that is completely different from the past.


Easy to use, can be used anywhere

Highly cleaning and deodorizing effect

Use anywhere
The workers work normally on the equipment as usual.

No impact on the human body with natural material.
Highly cleaning and deodorant effects
with safety.

Moreover, it effect lasts a long time.

Amazing secrets of Probiotic cleaners!

A deadlock in conventional cleaning methods

Conventional: The purpose is to make it sterile

However, sterility poses a new problem.

  1. Due to the use of chemicals and food additives. Safety task, Taste change task etc.
  2. Removes all beneficial bacteria.
  3. Even if it has an immediate effect, a stable hygienic environment cannot be kept for a long time, and harmful bacteria are likely to grow.
  4. Effective only for bacteria that have come into contact with the cleaning agent. The environment will be destroyed if bacteria invete from out side.
  5. Bacterial resistance will birth, effect of the product surely reduce. etc.

Probiotics create best environment

Bacteriostatic action

By the bacteriostatic action of PIP Probiotics Cleaner, Beneficial bacteria do not propagate mal bacteria.

Never rely on chemicals or irritants, An eco-friendly cleaning agent that is safe for humans and animals.

How to prevent increasing mal bacteria?

Power of enzymes

  1. Probiotics produce enzymes
  2. Enzymes break down organic matter
  3. Probiotics consumes decomposed organic matter as food
  4. Create an environment in which harmful microorganisms cannot exist.

Substances produced by probiotics

Produces natural antibiotics

It works to produce polypeptides, which are natural antibiotics.

It is a substance larger than amino acids / proteins and produces antibodies against influenza and HIV virus, effective antibodies, and immunoglobulins.

They are close to us

Produce healthy environment same like healthy human intestinal environment

A wide variety of bacteria live in our intestines. In the intestines of healthy people, the good bacteria suppress the bad bacteria, and the intestinal flora is maintained in a balance by the good bacteria predominate.

Chrisal's probiotics Cleaners is the product that makes possible to produce the good intestinal human health environment in the air.

We use the great power of good bacteria, which is
safe and harmless to people and the environment.
Add more, it is a cleaning agent that boasts high detergency.

Difference from other products

Protect health by Active Bio

Totally new concept

Change hygiene maintenance method from killing bacteria

to Creating an environment where harmful bacteria cannot live.


Full of invisible microorganisms (harmful and beneficial).

Clean as usual with probiotics.

Propagation of beneficial bacteria makes it difficult to grow harmful bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria get stable within 2 to 3 weeks, harmful bacteria is difficult to grow and invade.

Conventional Method

Full of invisible microorganisms (harmful and beneficial).

Sterilize everything.

Microbial invasion with the passage of time.

Go back to the beginning...

Prove of effective in many facilities

Overseas test demonstration

Comparison with conventional methods

  • Conventional Method.
    It can remove dirt and bacteria from the surface.
    However, it is not effective against bacteria in biofilms (bacterial structures).
  • PIP Probiotic Cleaner can remove surface dirt and bacteria, and also weaken biofilms and inhibit harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria.
  • Results of academic studying hospitals conducted by
    the University of Kent, Belgium and the University of Ferrara, Italy.

Free of harmful bacteria

  • Use the product for about three weeks everyday at the area particularly contaminated in hospital.
  • After 1st week, the number of harmful bacteria started to decrease.
    After 3rd weeks, it was almost free of harmful bacteria.
  • This is a research report by Miam Jewish Home & Hospital (MJHH).

Before the Test

After 1 week

After 2 week

After 3 week

Eco-Friendly and High Performance

Live bio-activity, effect lasting long

Harmful bacteria such as enterohemorrhagic E. coli O-157 and MRSA are ubiquitous.

PIP Probiotic Cleaner applicable any material. It does not damage the object.

Live bio-activity creates stable environment in where harmful bacteria cannot survive.

Add more, Live bio-activity, effect lasting long.

Friendly to humans and animals

Gentle and safe on the skin because it uses beneficial bacteria that are harmless to the human body.

Applicable in places and facilities

where kinder garden or elder's care centers.
where pets and animals are playing.

PIP Probiotics is safely for anybody.


We have passed the strict screening standards set by major screening organizations in Europe, the U.S. and Japan.

Various international organizations has been recognized the safety of our products including those in the United States and Europe, 

In Japan,
it conforms to the standards of
the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,
the Ministry Environment,
the Ministry of Education,
and other ministries and enterprises.

Using In over 45 countries

Many countries adapt and use our products. "It has already been used in hospitals, schools, offices, and homes.

Agricultural facilities,
Food manufacturing factories,
Public Places, etc.
Our products is accepted
in wide variety of industries.

Our products have been used in many countries by its reliability and safety.

Excellent cleaning ability

PIP Probiotic cleaner remove dirt and help prevent infections.

Widely used in hospitals, food factories, etc in Europe, the United States, Japan, and more than 45 other countries and regions.

The differences are clear when comparison tests were done under the same conditions.

Can be used in all kinds of places

Food factory
Nursing home
Children's playground
Public transport
Spa, Onsen, beauty salon, etc.
Sports gym

Can be used in all hygiene required place

Door knob
Shoe rack
Inside the drain pipe
Deep inside of drains
Garbage box

Comparison with conventional products

Dramatic efficiency improvement


Economic Pro General Cleaning Agent
Cleaning Ability Bubbleless, but gets dirt out A lot of bubbles
Cleaning Effect Eliminate causative bacteria Effect only at surface
Finishing Process Polish once Take time for bubble wash away and polish
Visible Effect Inhibits dirt and germs Germ rebirth unstable sanitation
Deodorize Effect lasts 3-5 days N/A
Unreachable Place Probiotics leans inside of drain N/A

Problems of conventional products

Strong alkaline cleaning agent

Hand irritation
Pungent odor
Dilute and blend etc

Plants-based/synthetic detergent

Lesser cleaning ability
No deodorizing
Long process

Conventional bio-cleaners

Less cleaning ability (acidic)
No deodorizing
No instant effect
Short shelf life

3 Features of PIP Probiotics

Probiotics Germicidal agent Bleaching agent General agent
Biofilm removal - - -
Effect lasts long - - -
Applicable wet surface - - -
Works on dry surface
Deodorize lasts long - - -
Dilute up to 100 times - - -
Eco and safety - - -

Selected probiotics (beneficial bacteria)

Crisal is one of the world's leading companies in Probiotic research.

Select Probiotics with particularly high deodorizing and cleaning effects based on research results.

Mix multiple Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) Minimize each of the disadvantages as small as possible and maximize the benefits.

Maximizing the quantity of probiotics

Bacteria with different effects exert synergistic effects.

We succeeded in maximizing the quantitiy of bacteria in each. By adding more than the required number of bacteria to each product we provides effectiveness and fast results, no other companies does it.

Development of alkaline preservation for biotics

Developed Alkaline preservation of biotics by Crisal's proprietary technology. By this development, highly cleaning available
although 100% natural materials. 

Safety, security and improved efficiency to all people

  1. Easy to use and long-lasting effect.
  2. Friendly to humans and the environment.
  3. High safety and excellent cleaning / deodorizing ability.

These makes available for

  1. high level hygiene management
  2. at the same time
  3. in one products
  4. in one action. 

Probiotic Products

Economic Pro

All-purpose cleaner for anywhere

Economic Pro is a concentrated all-purpose Probiotic cleaner.

Economic Pro is an environmentally friendly cleaner with high cleaning ability in safety.

Probiotics have both :
Persistence of effects and
strong cleaning ability as a detergent.

Available of cleaning and deodorizing for hard-to-reach place, ex.)drains pipe etc.

This product can clean, deodorize, and bacteriostatic effect by beneficial bacteria group.


Grease Trap

Dramatically easier to clean greasy areas.

The grease trap is a biotics cleaner that uses beneficial bacteria to break down the congealed grease.

Grease Trap is an environmentally friendly cleaner with high cleaning ability in safety.

Even heavely grease stains very simple to use, highly effective, effect lasts for long time by Probiotics.

This product can clean, deodorize, and bacteriostatic effect by beneficial bacteria group.


Passion for Development


Development Stories

Mr. Corey, owner of Crisal company in Belgium. The manufacturer of PIP biotics cleaner products.

Mr. Corey had a granddaughter with congenital immunodeficiency. Mr. Corey wanted to protect his granddaughter from bacterial infections, who spent a lot of time in nursing homes.

He committed to Research & development with faith, "Products using microorganisms effect can create a sanitary environment that restores her health."

Successful development of Probiotic products, its have an effect for able to live Laura together who is sensitive to bacterial infections.
The effectiveness of the product was confirmed in a hospital.

But Laura's Nursing Home Refuses to use of Probiotic products. Laura died of an infection later.

Development of PIP products, ft contains Mr. Corey's passionate thoughts.

"We will not let Laura's death be in vain.
I want to provide the world with a safe and healthy sanitation environment.
I want to bring safe and healthy sanitation to the world."

Serious pursuit of safety and health

PIP Probiotics, products aimed at stabilizing and preserving a "healthy and secure living environment".

Watch Our passion for development on Youtube.


Combination use makes possibilities expand

Ozone water / ozone air that kills harmful bacteria

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If you say
"Before adjusting the entire space with beneficial bacteria,it is essential to deal with existing harmful bacteria. How should we do?"
Ozone water / ozone air generator helps to solve your problem.
Click here for details.

Preventive disinfection

How to manage hygiene surly and efficiently before detecting the bacteria?
Execute the program that can surely complete works even reducing burden on people in daily cleaning.

The Re-Born program, which dramatically improves hygiene management using Chrisal products and ozone water / ozone air generators.

Click here for details.

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