If you feel crisis in the smelling space

"I feel smell in the space. It doesn't feel hygienic, but there is no way to deal with it."
"When I enter this place, my eyes are irritated, uncomfortable. What is the cause?"
"If we disinfect it, the flavor and other qualities will deteriorate, but we have to do it."

Do you feel the invisible wall in the current hygiene management?

Further strengthen hygiene with ozone water and ozone air

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Ozone water deodorant / sterilization washer.

Safe and secure for people and nature.

Only ozone can do it!

effect and safety of
Deodorizing / sterilizing

What is ozone?

It is a safe and environmentally friendly substance
with excellent deodorizing and sterilizing power

The ozone layer exists around 25km above from the ground
and protects humans from ultraviolet rays.

Ozone is a gaseous substance consisting of three oxygen atoms.

Oxygen molecules floating in the sky (O2)
Decomposed by ultraviolet rays into oxygen atoms (O)
Bonds with other oxygen molecules
Become ozone (O3)

Ozone has the property of returning to oxygen (O2)
The released oxygen atom (O) is
Causes an oxidation reaction with surrounding substances.

Reacts with offensive odors and harmful bacteria
act as deodorizing and sterilizing effects.

Ozone does not residue.
Eco-friendly and
Clean substance.

Unique points / effects Of ozone

Give 5 effects by Strong oxidizing power

1. Deodorization

Has a great deodorizing effect
By using ozone water directly to the source of the odor.

2. Sterilization

Sterilization in a short time
Suppresses decay for a long time by ozone water.

3. Sterilization of airborne bacteria

Sterilize airborne bacteria in the workplace
It also deodorizes at the same time by ozone air.

4. Remove mold and slime

Sterilize mold fungi
Mold removal, remove slime, easily with ozone water.

5. Pest repellent

Pests are hard to approach, create a clean environment with full using of ozone water / air.

Special mechanism of ozone effect 1


Odor caused by spoilage of food
Main causes are amines, ammonia, sulfides, etc.

These are caused by
self-decomposition by enzymes of the food itself
in the process of protein decomposition by microorganisms.

Ozone water which has dissolved ozone deodorizing through these 3 processes. 


1. Cleaning of odorous substances
2. Sterilization of microorganisms
3. Oxidative decomposition of odorous substances

Experiment 1

Deodorizing effect test by ozone water (Our research)

Test condition

  1. Make a rotting odor
    Place the squeezed fish juice on the Schale/Petri dish
    Leave in a container at 60 ° C.
  2. Measure changes of
    1. number of bacterial
    2. odor intensity
    after treat schale as
    -Rinse the rotten-smelling schale twice with tap water
    -Leave the schale after cleaning in the container at 60 ℃ again.
  3. Do the same with ozone water


  1. Ozone water has high sterilizing power compared to tap water.
  2. Less bacterial growth, long-lasting deodorizing effect of sterilize with ozone water.

Odor level / 6-step intensity display

Odor intensity Contents
0 Odorless
1 Finally perceptible odor
2 A weak odor that tells you what the odor is
3 Easily perceptible odor
4 Strong smell
5 Very strong smell

Special mechanism of ozone effect 2

Removing bacteria

Only destroyed Intracellular enzyme and sterilized but pass through the bacterial cell envelope (walls and curtains)

Has a strong oxidizing action of oxygen (O) generated during decomposition
Direct damage / destruction / decomposition of bacterial cell walls
Killed and sterilized by dissolving intracellular components.

Fast sterilization, difficult to generate resistant bacteria is available. 

Mechanism of sterilization by ozone

Has a strong oxidizing action of oxygen (O) generated during decomposition
Direct damage / destruction / decomposition of bacterial cell walls
Killed and sterilized by dissolving intracellular components.

Fast sterilization, difficult to generate resistant bacteria is available. 

Hand, finger inspection

Hand sterilization
Remarkable effect by Ozone water.

Various bacteria at the hand and fingers sterilize to a level within 0-4% by Ozone water.

Ozone water sterilization effect

The sterilization effect was also confirmed in the culture experiment in the petri dish.

Animal safety confirmation of ozone water

Experimented Ozone water safeness for the cases of
"If you drink"
"If you gargle"
"If you touch the wound"
"when hand-washed"
By mouse or hamster.

Drink test not conducted by human body.
Do not drink ozone water.

Effects on eyes and skin by Ozone water

Safety confirmation by animals(Japan Food Safety Analyze Center)

Assumed behavior Test Result
If drink continuously Repeated tendency test (mouse) no problem
If gargle Oral mucous irritation test (hamster) no problem
Effect on wounds Colonization inhibition test no problem


Skin irritation test (in-house test)

Effects on the skin In-house monitor test (24 people, 3 months) no problem


Can be used in many work sites

Cheering crowd at a concert
High-pressure water hose for cleaning a food processing machine in a factory
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Ozone can dramatically improve hygiene management at low cost / safety / easily in all situations.

At food processing sites, cleaning ingredients with ozone water for improves safety and deliciousness, and cleaning equipment and utensils prevents food poisoning and bacterial outbreaks.

At the disaster site, ozone protect the health of the members and ensure the hygiene of the equipment for essential activities.

Hygiene management in places where a lot of people gather, you can do it easily at low cost with ozone.

Bacterial control / deodorization in food factories changes dramatically

Reliable deodorizing and sterilizing effect

For "food safety"
both of Producer / Processor have to conscious it, it is very important

Ozone is used for Sterilization, deodorization, food storage, etc.

Now we use Ozone in multi places than ever before. It is actively used in public facilities or wide space sanitization.

Strengthening hygiene by high deodorizing and sterilizing effects with ozone water /air

Improving worker hygiene

Serving safe and fresh food with strict hygiene management

Total management of kitchen hygiene
Use highly safe ozone water with no remain substance.

Hand, ingredients, cooking utensils washing, cleaning floors and drain
Widely usable.

Smell of fish disappears
Ozone has a sterilizing and deodorizing effect.

Hygiene management with low running cost

Manage kitchen / toilet etc. hygiene with ozone water improvement of hygiene to lead a safe and comfortable life. 

Deodorization, mold and slime removal in the kitchen, toilet, cleaning in the facility by use ozone water.

Hygine management with surly cleaning

Fresh ingredients in a high hygiene

Food / fish processing factories with large amount of fresh food occur easily smell, mold, slime, etc.

Total hygiene solution by ozone water / air. 

Prevention of secondary pollution

Kitchen hygiene is important to provide safe and delicious food. 

Possible to keep the freshness for a long time by using Ozone water for cleaning ingredients.

Keep work site clean by Ozon

In the dry kitchen mop cleaning, equipment cleaning, use ozone water.

Ozone is highly safe and reliable with users. 

Solve garbage & drain hygiene problems

Cleaning and deodorization Kitchen / garbage storage.
High deodorizing effect Smell disappears.

Remove all slime on the floor which was Long-standing problem.

Health / hygiene management at disaster sites

Fumigation of work clothes

Eliminates odors during work and unknown pathogens that occur at disaster sites.

Gargling and showering of Paramedics members

Gargle, shower, and sterilize the whole body with ozone water.

Fumigation of vehicles and equipment

Fumigation of large equipment such as vehicles etc also possible.

Improving the hygiene of temporary toilets

With ozone, it is possible to dramatically improve hygiene in places where hygiene management is postponed, such as temporary toilets and shower rooms just by the regular cleaning works.

Hygiene management in hospitals or places where a lot of people gather

The place required severe hygiene management

The places required strict hygiene management, such as hospitals and long-term care facilities, easily manage with ozone.

Hygiene management in places where a large number of people are crowded

Ozone can prevent air infections at places with a large number of people, such as concert halls and schools.

Public transport facilities

Public transportation, where many people come and go, is the place where want to strengthen hygiene.

Ozone can prevent both airborne and contact transmissions.

Ozone deodorizing twin series

Wide & clean

  1. High effect by Dual Effect Water and Air Ozone
    Clean work process
    Powerful deodorization and sterilization of ozone water, direct cleaning for floors, utensils, and ingredients.
    Effective for removing mold and slime.

    Ozone air removes airborne bacteria and odors during human unattended time.

  2. Low cost
    Uses only tap water and electricity
    Make ozone water directly from tap water. Very economical activity.
  3. Automate work with timer
    Eject ozone air
    Switch on when there are no people with automatic control.

Ozone deodorant portable series

Light weight and small

  1. Small and lightweight type is recommended for small facilities.
  2. It can be easily moved, one unit can handle multiple locations.
  3. Improvement of hygiene in cooking, kitchen garbage rooms, toilets, etc.


Ozo Fresh Series

Sanitation for dry space

  1. Dry system kitchen
    Ozone air blowout, deodorize and sterilize floors and walls places that cannot be washed with water, dry kitchen and audience seats etc. 
  2. Sterilization at night
    Deodorize with low-concentration ozone that is harmless to humans during the day.
    At night when there are no people, high-concentration ozone fumigation can be used for powerful deodorization and sterilization.
  3. Plus effect
    Can be added and used to functional water such as ozone water and electrolyzed water for toilet odors, etc.

    Kitchen and garbage storeage room :  Ozone air can sterilize airborne bacteria and deodorize.

    Toilet : Adjust the amount of ozone blown out according to the time of use. Can be deodorized and sterilized for 24 hours. 

Product list


Twin30 Twin60
Number of ozone water faucets -3 -6
Number of ozone air outlets -6 4-15
Ozone air usage space -700m2 -1400m2
External dimensions 460(l)*640(h)*220(w)mm 920(l)*640(h)*220(w)mm
weight 17kg 18kg
Power supply AC100V(50/60Hz)
power consumption 150W(Max:250W) 190W(Max:290W)
Ozone water amount 30l/m 60l/m
Ozone water concentration 0.4-0.8mg/l 0.4-0.8mg/l
Working water pressure range 0.1-0.5Mpa 0.1-0.5Mpa
Ozone air blowout amount 1000mg/h 2000mg/h


Number of ozone water faucets -6
Number of ozone air outlets 4-15
Ozone air usage space -1400m2
External dimensions : Gas Unit 430(l)*600(h)*200(w)mm
External dimensions : Water Unit 310(l)*600(h)*200(w)mm
weight : Gas Unit 21kg
weight : Water Unit 11.5kg
Power supply AC100V(50/60Hz)
power consumption 250W
Ozone water amount 8-60l/m
Ozone water concentration 0.8±0.2mg/l
Working water pressure range 0.1-0.5Mpa
Ozone air blowout amount 2000mg/h

Additional functions
Ozone water concentration display,
water pressure display,
water amount display.

Maximum amount of water varies depending on water pressure and piping.

The ozone water concentration may decrease if the maximum amount of water is exceeded.

Ozone Deodorant mini II G

Adopted by Tokyo Fire Department : Fire department / disaster site, Hand wash / gargle of Paramedics
Deodorizing and sterilizing for vehicles and equipment. Deodorization / sterilization for temporary toilet / bath. 

External dimensions (main body) 370(l)*400(h)*230(w)mm
Weight 8kg
Power supply AC100V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption 300W
Ozone water amount 4-12l/m
Ozone water concentration 0.4-0.8mg/l
Working water pressure range 0.1-0.5Mpa

Ozone is not generated when the amount of water is 4 L / m or less.

If it exceeds 12 L / m, the ozone concentration may decrease.

The temperature is 25 degrees and the water temperature is 20 degrees.

Ozone Deodorizing handy 8

External dimensions (main body) 290(l)*370(h)*195(w)mm
weight 5.8kg
Power supply AC100V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption 45W
Ozone water amount 4-8l/m
Ozone water concentration 0.4-0.8mg/l
Working water pressure range 0.1-0.5Mpa

Ozone is not generated when the amount of water is 4 L / m or less.

If it exceeds 12 L / m, the ozone concentration may decrease.

The temperature is 25 degrees and the water temperature is 20 degrees.

Ozone Fresh 100

External dimensions (main body) 430(l)*430(h)*200(w)mm
Ozone generation: Fumigation 1000mg/h、500mg/h 切替え
Ozone generation: At low concentration 4mg/h-200mg/h 16段階切替
Blow air volume 20l/m
Number of ozone air outlets 15
Corresponding room size 700m2
Function: External output (error signal, fumigation signal), External control (blow-out ON / OFF)
weight 11kg
Power supply AC100V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption 150W(Fumigation + during regeneration)、30W(At low concentration)

Ozone Fresh G500

Model OG46GT-D/OG46GT-K
Ozone generation 50/100/300/500mg/h
Air volume when ozone is generated 0.21m3/m
Outlet concentration 1.9/3.7/11.5/18.5ppm 20℃60%RH
Power supply AC100V(50/60Hz)
power consumption 35W
External dimensions (main body) 317(l)*212(h)*165(w)mm
weight 4.5kg
Timer 24h timer
Wide recommended range Max:160m3,Indoor
Operating temperature and humidity range 0-40℃

Ozone Fresh Mini

Model OG42GT
Power supply automobile battery 24V(12V)
Rated input voltage DC24V(12V)
Rated input current DC0.3V(0.5A)
Deodorizing method Deodorization with ozone and platinum oxidation catalyst
Operating temperature limit -10℃-60℃
Air flow 300l/m
weight 0.8kg

Knowledge for Ozone using

Excellent properties of Eco-Friendly
High oxidizing power, Non-persistent substance.

In case of incorrect usage may affects equipment and human body.

We have many achievements and confirming safe for use but read caution carefully and use it correctly.

Ozone concentration in the work environment

  1. Ozone concentration in the work environment
    0.1ppm or less (8 hours a day, 40 hours a week light work) Recommended by Japan Society for Occupational Health
  2. No entry during ozone air is blowing out
    Ozone concentration Exceeds the allowable during ozone air is blowing
    Make sure there are no people before usingDo not enter the room for 2 hours after the end of blowing.
  3. Volatile gas from ozone water
    Ozone concentration rises when used for a long time in a narrow place.
    Ventilate often.
  4. Impact of ozone on equipment and facilities
    Experiment with the effects of ozone by
    General kitchen utensils
    No significant deterioration / corrosion promotion
    By using ozone water

    Rubbers and metals
    May deteriorate faster or rust if you put it
    Near the ozone air outlet


  5. Use for food cleaning
    "Ozone is recognized as a food additive (existing additive)
    Use as keeping vegetables fresh and defrosting waterSterilization of ingredients
    Ozone water is used as rinsing, etc.
    Follow the "Massive Cooking Facility Hygiene Management Manual (Notice of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)"
  6. Reaction product test of ozone water and detergent
    Presence or absence of toxic gas generation due to reaction between ozone water and general detergent
    Confirm that there is no problem

    However, we have not conducted reaction tests with all detergents, etc.


Generated gas NOx Cl2 SOx
Environmental standards 0.06ppm less than 0.005ppm less than 0.005ppm


bleach 0.015ppm less than 0.005ppm less than 0.005ppm
Alcoholic detergent 0.008ppm less than 0.005ppm less than 0.005ppm
Synthetic detergent 0.015ppm less than 0.005ppm less than 0.005ppm


Combination use makes possibilities expand

To prevent the increase of harmful bacteria

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"Even we have done airborne disinfection, how can we prevent the increase of harmful bacteria which brought in from the outside?"
Use Chrisal's products that create an environment where harmful bacteria cannot live.

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Preventive disinfection

How to manage hygiene surly and efficiently before detecting the bacteria?
Execute the program that can surely complete works even reducing burden on people in daily cleaning.

The Re-Born program, which dramatically improves hygiene management using Chrisal products and ozone water / ozone air generators.

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